Enjoy authentic Coffee at any time in your office

Office Coffee subscription service -Daiohs Hong Kong

Would you like to enjoy fresh coffee to refresh in your office anytime?
Would you like to entertain important customers with fresh, flavorful coffee.
Our office coffee  service provide authentic coffee any time in your office.

Enjoy the flavor and aroma of 7 mixed coffees

Daiohs Hong Kong offers 7 types of blended coffee beans.

From concentration baking to deep city baking, you are free to choose the concentration, bitterness and refreshing sourness you like.
Types can be changed each month. You can discuss which coffee bean you use in the office and enjoy the choice of coffee beans.

Coffee Machine Features

Fresh baked taste

Enjoy aroma of fresh coffee in your office anytime, anywhere.

Easy operation

Our professional coffee machine the same as real coffee shop  brews freshly baked espresso with a simple operation.

Auto-clean function

Auto-clean function can save your time for cleaning and maitenance.

Benefits of office coffee

Better Hospitality

Would you like a delicious cup of coffee to welcome your important guests? You can relax with a cup of delicious coffee to enhance your brand image.

Employee Benefits

Are you worried about employee turnover?

You don't have to leave the office to go out to the store to buy expensive coffee, you can always enjoy delicious coffee in the office, which can improve the enthusiasm and satisfaction of employees.

Increase productivity

Sometimes you may feel a little tired, want to drink some coffee to refresh.

However, no matter how much you want to drink coffee, it is a waste of time every time you go out to buy. If employees can enjoy delicious coffee in the office at any time, you can save time and focus on your work.

5 Days Free Tasting

If you are interested in our services, please fill out the application form below.
The person in charge will contact you. We will provide you with a tasting drink on your convenient day.


Who is responsible for the troublesome process of cleaning the coffee machine?

Because the Daiohs espresso machine is fully automatic, it can be cleaned automatically by simply pressing the wash button. The procedure is simple and hygienic.

Who is responsible for the repair and maintenance costs?

Since the coffee machine is a rental contract, if the coffee machine is broken, please contact the company and our staff will check it on the same day or the next business day. If on-site repairs are very time consuming, we will immediately change another machine. You do not need to pay any of these fees. All included in the monthly fee. But please rest assured. Our coffee machine is very reliable. Some coffee machines will not malfunction within 8 years!

When can we receive coffee beans?

Coffee beans are delivered regularly every month. At that time, our employees will also repair the machine for free. In addition, by talking to your staff and listening to any requests or dissatisfaction with the coffee machine, you can improve your service so that you can continue to enjoy your coffee.

About us

Daiohs is a public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. More than 100,000 customers in Japan use our office services. Overseas, we entered the US market in 1988 and have grown to the market with the largest market in the West Coast and the third in the US market. Asia currently has seven branches and entered the Hong Kong market in August 2010. With 40 years of experience in Japan, we provide the highest quality freshly roasted coffee for our office in Hong Kong.

Daiohs' own factory is baked, packaged and shipped from carefully selected and imported coffee beans from around the world. It is a production line that runs through production and logistics. Through this system, provide fresh, high quality office coffee for your office.

In addition to coffee, we also offer tea machines for Japanese tea. Since it is very popular in Japan, we have also started to provide Japanese tea service for tea machines in Hong Kong.