5 Days Free Tasting

If you are interested in our services, please fill out the application form below. The person in charge will contact you. We will provide you with a tasting drink on your convenient day.


About free tasting campaign

We bring the Daiohs coffee machine and coffee beans to the office for a free coffee tasting session.
We will explain how to use the espresso machine and taste the brewed coffee.
The terms of the contract will also be explained on the same day.
After the tasting session, the coffee machine and coffee beans will be left in the set office, and the staff will be free to try Daiohs coffee for free for 5 days.After 5 days, if you want to sign a contract, please confirm the terms of the contract and sign the contract.
If you don't want to sign a contract, we will come back to recycle the coffee machine.
There is no charge for tasting activities, please try Daiohs' service.